Under prepared.

Fur Scarf - Zara, Blazer - Zara, Silk Button up - Zara, Velvet Tartan Pants - Topshop, Buckle Shoes - Topshop

I can't believe how amazing my weekend has been! Met some spectacular people at the grand opening of TOPSHOP and TOPMAN! It was such an awesome way to spend my saturday! Live music, Lucky Bags for the first 200 in the door and a ton of great snacks and clothes! I snagged the Velvet pants with a gift card I was given by topshop! They're to die for! I'm not a huge fan of Navy, but I let that slide for these pants. The shoes were a total must too! Though they're definitely a little too open for the current weather outside, I'm still going to wear them! I have so many cute TOPSHOP socks to wear them with! 
I'll have a ton more event photos posted within the next few days! It was amazing! A huge thanks to everyone at TOPSHOP and TOPMAN! You're all such wonderful people! Much Love!