My favorite thing about fall/winter, is all of the amazing scarves and coats I get to fill my closet with! I have a section of my closet dedicated to all the things I can wear the moment the weather starts to cool down. So, I've decided to feature a few of my favorite fall jackets and scarves on my new bust form (super cheap at a thrift store. Supper happy with it!!)

The first two scarves shown above, were both given to me from a friend in New York. They definitely need a ton of usage this fall! In love with them. I've featured the darker one in a past look, but I will be using them a lot more in the coming month!
 My Sister has always helped me with my extreme love of huge scarves so she gave me this beauty last winter. It's one of my favorite scarves! I wear this one a lot when the weather starts to really freeze up!

 I never knew I could be so attached to a clothing item until I got my Alexander McQueen scarf. I bought it the day he passed, and have been attached to it ever since. Alexander McQueen was such a huge inspiration to me, and his astonishing collections will always hold such a large place in my heart. So of course the McQueen scarf would be on my favorite scarf list!

 And on to the coats!!
Of course my tarton coat from Zara would be on here! Definitely a favorite of mine! It's extremely cozy and I'm obsessed with it! Tartan is taking over as one of my favorite fall trends! (I'm ordering the nicest pair of tartan pants off ASOS as I type this) The coat is a perfect fall jacket, and totally worth the investment!

 The Cropped trench coat is another favorite of mine! I've always wanted the perfect trench coat, and when American Apparel's California Select line released the cropped trench coat, I had to have one!! It's great to know that they're "one of" items so you can buy multiple coats! (Totally doing it)

 And finally, we have my fall staple. The Petite Long Wool Coat. It's my favorite jacket! It's so warm and looks amazing! I plan on getting the tan one when it comes into my store! They're such a great fit and look amazing with everything! The pockets are amazing! Unlike every other winter jacket I have, there's a good amount of pocket room!