Scarf - Purr, Easy Sweater - American Apparel, Striped Pants - American Apparel, Shoes - DEANDRI (Similar), Bag - Zara 

Things have been getting a lot better here! Work's been amazing, my friends have been beyond amazing and supportive and I'm prepared for whatever comes next! It's been a pretty good journey so far, and I hope it continues to grow! Halloween is getting close, and I need to start putting together Halloween costumes for work and for the 31st! I always want to do something different for Halloween, but I always get trapped in the same old, easy costumes haha. The pants in this look will definitely be used for Beetlejuice! I just need to find my Lydia haha. (Mercedes) I've been stocking up on some great scarves recently and I'm really excited to share them with you guys! Hopefully by this weekend or next, I'll have a few good photos for the blog! So check back for that!