Wilderness Boy.

In this Look:
Jacket - American Apparel, Eyewear - California Select - American Apparel, T-shirt - Zara, Silk Button up - Zara, Stripe pants - American Apparel, Shoes - Zara, Messenger bag - Zara

So obviously I wore the most appropriate outfit as I climbed on rocks and through the trees last night. But hey, at least I didn't ruin anything haha.
I had a pretty fun evening with some friends. We decided to head out and climb a few trees, sit by the water, and go through some dirt paths. It was so much fun! It was a great way to bring in the cooling weather. We were all bundled and had to stop and get a hot drink afterwards. It made me miss the cool fall weather here. It's so lovely during this season. It's cool, the leaves are changing and everyone is starting to bundle up! I wish it was like this year round.