Turning the Page.

Blazer - Zara, Top - Vintage - Button up - American Apparel, Pants - American Apparel, Shoes - Zara

For me, fall is the perfect season to shed all the overpowering worries of the past and bring in room for so many amazing opportunities that are just a reach away. It's the time to let all of the issues and problems you've had fall off and land on the ground, getting lost in a pile of leaves. It's been a hard couple of days for me, but I know I can't dwell on what I can't change. No matter what, the world will keep on turning, with or without me. The sun will always rise and set, and the seasons will keep on changing. It's not healthy for me to focus on all the negativity, so I thrive on the positive.
I've had such an amazing journey and regret absolutely nothing. Times change, people change. We become close, we fall apart. It's life. It's the beauty of being human. Experiencing comfort and solitude and experiencing heartache and sadness.
Though things are different now, I know that what I had was wonderful and will forever be wonderful!
As Edith Piaf beautifully sangNon, Rien de rien Non, Je ne regrette rien Ni le bien qu'on m'a fait Ni le mal tout ca m'est bien egal Non, Rien de rien Non, Je ne regrette rien C'est pay, balay, oubli Je me fous du pass

I have no regrets.