A great site that definitely deserves more credit would be Sheinside.
It's a great online store with a ton of great products and amazing prices! I've been able to snag some amazing pieces from this site like my Bart Simpson button up, two amazing bomber jackets and a few tops! The clothes are so cute and are made quite well!
So, I've decided to do a bit of a feature of a few of my favorite items on the site!

Above are a few of my favorite tops from the website.
The first is an amazing button up that I am utterly obsessed with! I love he geometric print with the sharp black collar and lining! It's amazing! Click Here to grab this top!
Of course I have to showcase the amazing Bart Simpson button up! It saddens me that I don't wear it as often as I should, but I'm still obsessed with it! I feel like when fall rolls around, I'll come up with a ton of new ways to wear it! It'll be great! Click Here to get it!
And finally, we have this amazing button up! I'm obsessed with polkadots and love the look of this top! I love the simple contrast between the button-up color and the polkadots! Ah! It's a must. Click Here to get it!

So I'm a huge fan of bomber jackets, and Sheinside always has the best variety!
I've found some great printed bombers on the site, and I'm utterly obsessed!! I went through and found a few of my favorites to share with you all!
First is this amazing printed bomber that I NEED to buy! the print on it is perfect! Definitely adding this to my shopping cart. Click Here to do the same.
The second bomber that I'm absolutely crazy about is this one! I haven't had the chance to post a look in it, but will have to soon! It's amazing! It's super comfortable and the print is amazing! I'd definitely grab one (Already did)! Click Here.
Why it's been an obsession of mine lately, I have no clue. But I'm obsessed with cow print. So of course I would have to showcase this amazon bomber!! It's amazing and I'm obsessed. The print is amazing. I am actually purchasing it right now haha. Click Here to do the same!

Since fall is creeping up, I thought I'd list a few sweaters for you guys!
the first is a colorblocked sweater that's absolutely wonderful for fall! I love the patches of color on the sweater and the combination is perfect for fall! Click Here to grab it! 
The next sweater is my fall MUST! I'm obsessed with the print on the front! ah! I need it. Next payday, I'm definitely investing in it! It's absolutely wonderful! Click Here to get your own! 
And finally, since it's such a perfect fall item, I threw in a black sweater! It's perfect for fall layering, and the stitching is super nice!! Click Here to get it. 

So I hope you all decide to check out Sheinside and stock up on amazingly priced garments! 
The site offers so many great items, so please, shoot on over and explore it for yourself and discover all the amazing products throughout this site!!


  1. O nice Bart shirt...... what size would you say it is if American Apparel made it. ( since its OS on Sheinside im worried bout buying it before i know how it fits)

    1. I'm 5'5" and It could be longer on me. It's pretty little.
      They do have a bart simpson t-shirt that is much bigger if you're taller than 5'5" haha