Is it Fall Yet?

It's insane to think about how much I love fall, and it's so close now!
A ton of my favorite stores are switching into their Fall collections, and I'm definitely broke already.

So I thought I'd show you all some of my favorite items I've purchased or am going to purchase this season!
So We'll do a quick start with this! American Apparel's Leather Baseball cap! I'm in love. I was able to snag myself one, and am so glad I did. it's absolutely perfect! (And might I add, it's the only hat that doesn't make me look 12). It's super sleek, and everyone I've seen try it on, looks absolutely amazing! I think I'm going to get a lot of usage out of this beauty this fall. It seems so perfect for the season! 
Stop by American Apparel, or snap over to one of those ads on your left and snag one of these hats for yourself! definitely worth it.

So I ordered this coat last night and I'm in love. I don't know why, but I have a huge thing for plaid this season and that's a lot coming from me (I hate plaid). But for some reason, all I want is plaid! So of course I had to buy this beauty! I really want to wear it with my new Jeffrey Campbell HAGNE loafers. It'd be super cute. 

I'm really big on pointed toe shoes right now. At work, Jen and I had a nice discussion about these shoes, so I finally decided that I needed to order them. I'm obsessed. They're so sharp, and look sooo nice. I'm really excited for them to come in! I wanna wear them all the time! I have a ton of looks picked out for these, so check back soon (upon their arrival) and you'll see these bad boys on my feet! 

A store I should really give more credit to, is Aritzia. It's a little bit pricey, but so worth it.
This t-shirt here is definitely something I need to grab this fall! It's such a great cut, high front with a sleek high cut side and long back. I need. It would look so good with that plaid coat. Damn. 
So I've added this to my Fall Must Have list. Also, check out Aritzia! you won't be disappointed! 

I'm obsessed with the victorian Wall-Poly pleated pants from American Apparel and of course they'll be a fall staple for me. I'd been after the navy pair of the longest time, and finally, someone up there smiled down on me and said "let Paul have his pants"
They're going to look amazing with my HAGNE loafers and a white sweater! (I'm really big on white for fall.... why? I dunno) 

I hope this gave you a few items to check out for fall! 
I'm still stocking up and will of course have my new purchases posted on instagram! @Paulconradschneider
Follow me on there for constant updates! And of course those items will eventually find their way here! 

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