Fuck Summer.

So as we all know, I hate summer. I hate shorts, I hate not layering and I hate not being able to wear certain shoes cause they are too bulky. So now that it's finally August and stores are switching from summer to fall, I'm stocking up on as much winter clothing as possible! 

I snagged this amazing coat from Zara and I'm obsessed. It's almost the exact same cut as my green blazer, but thicker and plaid. It's super warm and comfy. I also grabbed these great boots off of the site. They're literally the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. I'm obsessed. And can we talk about the pointed toes? It's so extreme and I'm in love. 

In this Look:
Plaid Coat - Zara, Button up - Zara, Pants - American Apparel, Boots - Zara 

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