Club Jackets

Lets talk club jackets for a second. Though I'm not a massive fan of the two-toned club jackets (unless they're fairly old-school or simple), I fell in love with this one from American Apparel! I love the all black with leather sleeves. It's great! The Jacket does have a larger size cut, I had to downsize to a XXS just to get a comfortable fit. So definitely size down when choosing this jacket.

 The jacket looks amazing both on, and thrown over the shoulders. Definitely going to be wearing this great piece throughout fall, and It's super warm! Totally worth it's price! If interested in one, click the American Apparel ads to the left for a direct link to the website! The Jacket is also 100% real leather!

In this look:
Club Jacket - American Apparel, Grid t-shirt - Wilfred - Aritzia, Bone Chiffon button up - American Apparel, White pleated pants - American Apparel, Boots - ZARA, eyewear - California Select - American Apparel