My shoe addiction is blowing up again...
So many places are having great discounts, and I just can't help but feel the need to splurge on amazing footwear. (It's probably extremely bad that I keep spending money with intentions of moving, but I seriously can't resist the shoe discounts I have access to!)

I never really did post about my sandal purchase, but I did snag a pair of these from work. I thought they were so cute! A simple sandal that I could wear. Still haven't gone a full day in them. I wore them out once, but since sandals are such a foreign concept to me, I changed my shoes within the first two hours of leaving the house. 
I really want to wear them though! I'll find a way soon, I hope. If you're interested in grabbing a pair, click here 

I snagged a pair of these beauties a few days ago at the mall and I'm in love.
They were on sale, and I couldn't resist. They're super comfy and they look great on! I'm obsessed. 
Click here If you want to snag yourself a pair... they're on sale!! almost $100 dollars off!!! 

Hopefully by tomorrow, these beauties will be in my life.
I've wanted white shoes so badly, and I feel like I need these more than anything. They're so perfect for summer and I want to wear them in the fall! 
I have a huge desire to rock an all white outfit, and these shoes are literally perfect for doing so! They're so cute! I'll keep you posted on Instagram if I end up getting them! Click here to grab them yourself! 

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