Matching. - Hayden Flanders

A while back I had posted a look featuring an amazing pair of pants that I had come across!
I was contacted over instagram, letting me know that I had acquired the same pair as someone who followed me!
And of course I wanted to see how they would style the pants in their own way! So, I asked them to send me some photos of them in their look, featuring the matching pants!

Hayden Flanders is the name of the stylish gent who had the pants, and today he sent me photos of his look! I love it! I may have to steal some inspiration from it! I'm fond of the pants with all black and definitely want to use his all black outfit in my future looks!

Here's my original look with the pants:

And here's Hayden's!

These pants are so great, and he wears them flawlessly! 

Please! If we have the same garment, send photos to me! or @reply me on instagram!! I wanna see how you all wear similar pieces! and I'll definitely post them!
I wanna showcase how well dressed you all are! xx. 

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