Los Angeles

LA was beyond amazing!
I got to see Elliot, apply for jobs, and explore the city!

Airports are definitely my least favorite part about traveling. They're always so cluttered and the person you're sitting beside on the flight finds their own way to get on your nerves haha.
On my flight there, it was pretty calm. The "Bro" sitting beside me kept chatting with his twatty bros across the isle, and I just sat there and watched The Place Beyond The Pines. It's beyond amazing. I'd watch it again. 
So after a wonderful 3.5 hours on the plane, I finally arrived in LA!

This was the view right outside where I was staying. It was so nice every day! I'm still shocked I didn't burn. Coming back home was so weird. Calgary is such a small city compared and everything is so spaced out. Being in LA, there is so much everywhere. I miss that a lot. There's so much more to see, and I couldn't help but zone out, exploring the city from the passenger's seat. "You like every building"

I got to spend my time with this fabulous gent right here. We went to so many fun places, and had so much great food. 
We spent some time watching "Freaky Eaters" on netflix, and shortly after watching the "Addicted to Cheesy Fries", we went to Jack in The Box to get chilli cheese fries. So worth it.
It was perfect. I was so happy to be able to spend time with this fella. Ah! 

By far one of the most memorable moments of the trip was Venice Beach...
We walked the boardwalk, got frozen yogurt, watched skateboarders and I decided I needed to climb rocks right by the ocean. 
So while I'm enjoying myself, climbing the rocks, Elliot's taking photos and we're just having a good time until a huge wave comes and soaks me. 
Completely drenched on the walk back to his car haha. It was hilarious, but shitty at the same time. But totally worth seeing the reactions of the people in the water. 

LA was perfect and I can't wait to go back!! (which might be very sooooon!!!) 

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