Favorite for fall 2013

Since fall is slowly approaching, and I'm in dire need of some layers, I've decided to touch on some of my favorite Fall 2013 looks from some of my favorite designers.

Miu Miu is by far, one of my favorite designers, and their fall collection is absolutely amazing. When i was on Rodeo drive, I had the chance to pop in the store with Elliot, and see what was placed out from the fall collection.
I'm obsessed with the use of polkadots in this collection. It's absolutely stunning! And the release of the campaign video made me crave fall/winter a whole lot more.

Seriously though, Raf Simons Men's line always impresses me. I love the look of the f/w collection! It's collections like these that make me wish I was 5'11" and had the extreme funds to afford the amazing clothes! The colors are absolutely perfect. Here's a short video of the runway and preparation! The entire collection is amazing.

I know! It was last year's fall collection, but it holds such a strong influence on my style right now.
The patterns are waaaay too amazing, and it's my favorite PRADA collection I've ever seen. 
Ugh, everything about it is absolutely perfect. the colors, the prints, the shoes, the accessories. I die. It holds such a strong influence for my fall looks this year. I wan't to be able to recreate my own looks similar to this collection this year! It's absolutely stunning. Full patterned outfits are so appealing to me. it's something I definitely gravitate towards. Here's the campaign video. I am not afraid to admit that I watch it religiously. 

And finally, my favourite is Celine's f/w collection. I'm obsessed with the color choices in this collection. The beautiful pastel coats and the use of white is beyond amazing. It's definitely inspired me to go light with my fall/winter choices. I'd loooove a white winter coats with a nice brown suede collar. ah. I'm on a mission for it. I'm a huge fan of things that are larger and oversized and I think that was a huge plus with this collection. The coats had such a perfect large fit that makes me want one even more. Every cut in this collection is perfection. I can't express that enough. Here's a link to the runway show

Though I'm pretty vague in my descriptions of the collection, you should definitely check out the collections and make your own decisions. They're all amazing. 
Hopefully these few designers help inspire some fall/winter looks for you, as they have for me!