ZARA SALE - favorite items

So for the passed to days, Zara has been having an amazing sale on their website!
I've already placed a huge order with their sale items, but ended up missing a few in my cart, so I decided I'd share those items here!
There is a mixture featuring men's and women's items here, and the discount price is great! (though I'm still unsure if the sale is happening anywhere else, I still want to post these haha)
Though this is a little too cropped for my liking, I thought I'd still toss the option out there. I'm pretty much obsessed with anything black and white, and the stripes make it that much better!You can snag this item by Clicking Here. And for 30 bucks? it's so worth it. 

I really do regret my decision on skipping out on this jacket. 
I have the same print in pants so I felt like I didn't really need the jacket, but I really do need it haha. If you want, you can get it here.

I have an unhealthy love for the color yellow. It's weird. I never wear yellow, but I love it so much! I think I might wear my yellow top tomorrow... 
These men's pants are beyond amazing. I love them so much. I am a tad nervous about ordering Zara's men's pants online, since they never seem to actually fit me (fuck everything) so I've held off for that reason. But If you're interested, Click Here to get your hands on these! 

Though I can't really pull it off, I'm in love with tropical floral. This blazer is absolutely perfect! Again, I had to skip out since I'm too little for this, but I know someone out there will enjoy it as much as I would. Click Here to be that someone

And to add to my love of yellow, Here's this gem.
I should've got it when I had the chance, but I missed out. It's a great men's piece and I wanna see all the boys in it! haha.
Click here to order.