Recent Purchases/Wishlist/Updates.

Lately I've been spending a ton of time on the Zara website! I've been going crazy with the orders I've been making, and these two were recently added to my list. The pants have already arrived, but I'm still waiting on the arrival of the blazer. I really wanna wear them together with my white button-up (Also from Zara) and my FUQ Lowfs by Y.R.U (Click here to purchase the Loafers! Free shipping!)

I don't know why, but I've also fallen in love with hats recently. And with American Apparel's recent release of the Kesh Collection (Click here to shop the Kesh Collection! It's amazing) I've been after the snapback with the Kesh Eye print (Link here) I reeeaaaally wanna wear it with this outfit as well. It'll be awesome. Hopefully I can hunt down a ton of Kesh products when I'm in LA since we won't be getting them in my store. 

To put it out there for anyone who might be interested, Here's a link to American Apparel's new Cali Fun & Sun Collection.  The Collection is really fun! I wish we were able to get it into my store, but we're without that as well. (The Chiffon Button-up is at my store though!)

And a final little update, in 11 days I'll be back in LA! I'm extremely excited, but nervous for the heat since I hate dressing lightly and ditching my layers haha. But more excited! It'll be great to get out of Calgary for a bit, and of course I'll keep things updated on my trip! So please, check back and see how I make out in LA!