Lately, I've been utterly obsessed with prints and patterns.
I feel like I've hunted down all the patterned pants I possibly could!
A huge influence with my obsession is Solange Knowles. When watching her music video for Losing You , my need to pattern clash takes an extreme. It's become one of my biggest fashion addicting in recent months, and I can't stop!
I'm always Hunting for great printed/patterned pieces, and have recently lucked out with a few different online stores!

Obviously, American Apparel has been an amazing source for my print addiction! A ton of my patterned bottoms have been from there! 
I got an amazing pair of Floral Pleated Pants (photographed below) and I'm in love! I still need to post them on here, so maybe I'll work on that today since I still can't get down to work due to the floods. 
Another amazing patterned bottom from apparel would have to be The Victorian Wall Print (and a total staple of mine). They're my favourites! I'm still hunting down a pair of the Navy print since I have the brown, so hopefully I can get a pair in my grasp! They're great pants and I love pattern clashing them! If you have the chance to grab a pair, please do! You won't regret it 
Obviously, the next pair of printed bottoms you've seen on here. They're also a huge favourite of mine! 
Oriental Palazzo Pant by Zara (please be aware that I am linking Canadian sites. Sales and prices may vary depending on your area). These pants are amazing! Super comfy, and when you're in the light, the black section's sheer material is visible, giving it an amazing summer feel. Sizing tip! They are bigger in the waist than in the leg with size runs. I have the small, and though it could be much tighter at the waist, if the legs were tighter, the pants would probably rip with movement. 

And some patterned tops!
Recently, Apparel started making new unisex button-ups in amazing prints! I've been able to get my hands on the black and white stripe version of this button up, and am extremely eager to get my hands on more! 
A favourite of mine is the polkadot button up! I love it so much and would wear it everyday! It's so nice! 
Another amazing site to check out is
Its great for finding really cheap items in amazing styles! I've gotten a ton of great bomber jackets, button ups, and t-shirts from this site! So, I've decided to provide you with my favourite printed piece from the site, the Bart Simpson Button up! I bought it a while back, and am still completely obsessed.
It's amazing. Though it does fit a little small for being one-sized, it's still totally worth it!

So these are just a few of my print obsessions! I'm definitely going to continue to feed my print addiction, so look forward to that!
Please, if you find any printed items on your searches, link me! I'd love to see them!

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