Kill and Run.

 Gloomy Sunday today.
It's so grey and cold that the only thing to do today is mope around and listen to music haha.
I've been absolutely obsessed with the Great Gatsby Soundtrack (Like the rest of the world). I can't deal with how good it is! Sia's song Kill and Run is one of my favorites. After her huge radio breakout with those horrible songs she did with Flo-Rida? I think it was him, kinda ruined her for me. But she definitely redeemed herself with her glorious song Kill and Run. Ugh. It's so stunning. And she is she.

 In this Look:
Button up - Zara, pants - a gift, - cardigan - American Apparel, Metallic oxfords - Joes - Solestruck

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  1. I kept really hoping it might turn itself around but it just didn’t work in my opinion.