Today I decided to be adventurous! (and I got a haircut**)
My mom and I decided to escape from the city and drive out and explore! We found this huge rock that was once a chunk on a mountain, but fell off and is now a tourist site haha. I don't know if you're allowed to, but I still went over the fence and started to climb the rock. It was awesome! I found this spot just big enough for me to fit that lead down to a few other rocks and I was able to sit there and enjoy an amazing view! I loved it and definitely want to go back!

 After the rock, we went down to the river. It was really nice! I got close enough on the rocks that I was able to touch the water and cool off my feet a bit since the weather was so amazing! We sat there for a bit, had a few butterflies land on our heads and a spider jump on my shoe... not fun. But it was amazing! I'm still pretty proud of the fact that I wore the worst shoes for this but still managed to climb all that I did without slipping haha. That would've been so shitty.
 In the outfit I wore:
Top - Zara, Linen Blazer - American Apparel, Ombre pants - H&M, shoes - a gift from my friend Sophie, and eyewear is California Select Vintage

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  1. Your hair looks lovely and I really appreciate your choice of pants.