Week on instagram - @PaulConradSchneider

So I feel like I don't get enough look posts on here unless I have the free time, so I've decided I'm gonna try my best to do a weekly Instagram update! (@Paulconradschneider if you desire to follow)

Anywho, this week was a pretty good one. Ordered a new pair of shoes (should arrive tomorrow!). I got featured on SPACE FOR ODDITY's facebook page. Posted a look. Got to go to the advanced screening on Spring Breakers (it sucked). Posted another look. Went shopping with Lana and bought new pants and I love them. Posted a look. Downloaded a new app called VINE! if you have it, follow me! @PaulConradSchneider. And went to the One Direction pop-up store in Chinook Mall and felt up some cut-outs of the boys *hearts* 

That's all for this week! 


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