1,000 Lookers Looking.

AH! I'm so shocked and so happy!

It's funny to look at how much I've grown since I started on lookbook.
My style has grown so intensely and my pants have gotten so much higher haha.
Hats slowly took a back seat and now I never wear them. Chiffon was and always will be a thing haha. Basics started to slip away, and my regular Welt Pocket Pants got traded in for the Pleated Pants.

Ah, it's amazing to look back on these photos and laugh at what I've worn and remember how much I loved it all back then.

for not only following me here, but for following me on LOOKBOOK.NU, instagram, twitter, and tumblr! It's been amazing and I'm so thankful for this!

So here's to 1,000 followers, and lets hope that it'll keep on growing!
So much love for you all! xoxoxoxoxo


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