The New Room!


So I've fianlly moved into my new room! I'm not fully moved in yet, but this is my room so far!

 This is my bed
I'm getting new blankets this weekend so it'll look even nicer!
I like to sleep in the corner in a ball so I always have my pillows stacked onto one side haha.
My manager let me have a ton of the old posters from work and I put a ton up around my room. There's more than what's shown on this wall, but I haven't gotten all of them up.
 At the foot of my bed is my overfilled closet
It doesn't look too bad in this photo, but you should see the overflowing pile in the laundry room haha.
 *~Mirror Selfie~*
This is my main mirror that's right by my closet that I use in the mornings haha. There's another one near my TV/Door so I got angles haha.
My favorite part of my room is the photos scanning across the room.
I have this long line of photos I've taken over the past two years going across the room. It's cool to look back on them. Makes me remember so many amazing memories.

And that's my room! I'll get a video of it or something and I'll post it on my Tumblr!
Hope you enjoyed my lil' tour xx.


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