growing up

I got a good chuckle out of this.
I was going through my computer and stumbled across my old "Lookbook" folder and found all of my old looks dating back to 2011! haha, wow. I can't believe how different I look.

 This look above is from July 2011.
Still wearing my chiffon hahaha. I'm wearing the chiffon button up and striped travel pants from american apparel, sperry loafers (which I still have sitting on a shelf in my closet since they're too small now) and my old favorite cardigan (that my sister now has) from XXI... yes, I used to love their men's. 
 This Next one is from January 2012. Just over a year ago now.
It's funny to look at how I used to double up my chiffon button ups like that.
I remember when I was on the website for that! It was my big thing hahaha.
And now we have me today, March 2013.

I gotta say, over the years my outfits have gotten much better haha.
It's funny to look back and see what I used to always wear and what I loved to wear versus what I wear now.
Also, lets take a moment of silence for my Bieber hair hahahaha

Just watch, a few years from now, I'll have a new post looking back at what I'm wearing today and I'll question everything I was doing haha.


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  1. awesome outfits i love your style :D

    Hayley xx