Who Inspires Me?

Friends and people on my many social media pages always ask me what sort of things and people inspire me. Well I've decided to compile a few of my favorites.
There's a few different bloggers I look to for inspiration, sometimes it's people I see walking down the street,  and sometimes it's photos of outfits that surface on my tumblr or even appear on the Sartorialist.

If the location of the image is known, I'll definitely link it in this post! 

 When I come across a photo that strikes me in a certain way, I have a folder on my phone and computer titled "Outfit Inspiration". When I look through it, I pick parts from each look that I could possibly mimic. Looking at the ones posted here, I can see what parts of each look I've used with my day to day outfits, blogged or not. Some I still haven't had the chance to use what inspired me, but it's kept inside and in the folder, waiting for it's moment. 

 Inspiration Bloggers.

 The thing I absolutely love about King and Clutch, is how uniquer his looks are. His style is so solid and so awesome! I love his looks and have taken pattern clashing inspiration from him! He's amazing at it. 
He inspired me to black my polkadot tops and not be afraid to wear striped pants haha. He's definitely one of my favorite fashion bloggers. Utterly amazing. Check him out!

Though our fashion sense is very different, I still can't help to pull inspiration from Adam's extremely elegant looks! His fashion sense is so effortless and I love it so much. I love to snag inspiration from his looks for days when I decide to wear something a little more casual and easy. His looks can honestly inspire anyone. 

These are just a few of the many bloggers that inspire me, but these are the ones I feel the need to share with you all! 
Some other amazing bloggers that I adore are able to be seen by clicking here, here, and here

thanks guys! and I hope these bloggers connect with you, as they do me.   

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