Some really exciting news!

Some very exciting things are coming up in the next little while!
Today I had a short conversation with a friend of mine Mackenzie Walker, a local photographer here in Calgary who I shot with early last year. 
I'm going to be shooting with him once again, but not only will I be modeling, I'll also be there to help style a model for their shoot. 
I'm super excited! and hopefully I'll do a good job on my first styling gig!
Wish me luck xx 

Here's the portfolio shot he used from when I shot with him last year! 

Another really exciting thing that's coming my way:
I was contacted through the smartphone app - Instragram, and am being used as inspiration for an upcoming shoot! The photos will hopefully be ready by next weekend, and they will for sure be posted on here!!

I'm super excited for these !! 2013 is on a good start!


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