On Brand

For my new Look today, I decided to throw in a new top I got from work yesterday!
The look is 100% "On-brand" since everything in the look is purchased from american apparel. 
The Chiffon sweater was a top I've wanted for a while now, and decided to finally make it mine.
I was a tad nervous about how I would style it, but luckily I was able to find a perfect combination.
I attempted to mix it with some of my garments that weren't from american apparel, but a lot of them didn't work out as planned. So when I mixed it with what I had recently thought of, it turned out great!

 I made the fatal mistake of placing the tripod in a horribly stupid spot, and it ended up casting a shadow onto my outfit. totally regret placing it there, but this photo turned out too well to not use haha. so I'm sorry for the tripod in the photo. 
 (Had to get a shot of the look's accessories, and on the bag it had Calgary, and I live there so it needed to be showcased haha)

in this Look:
Chiffon Sweater - American Apparel, One-Sized winter coat - American Apparel, Houndstooth Pants - American Apparel, Velvet Loafers - American Apparel, Sunglasses - California Select, Iphone4s phone Case - Jack and Elliot, Cities Bag - American Apparel,