So when I ordered the Victorian Wall Poly Pleated off the American Apparel website, I also snagged these fabulous bottoms!
I have the Houndstooth pants in black, but when I was in LA, I saw the brown ones and died. Soooo good. Sadly I didn't buy them when I had the chance, but now I have them! haha. 

 In this Look:
Eyewear - American Apparel, Circle Scarf - Purr, Silk Tee - Wilfred - Aritzia, Blazer - California Select, Pants - American Apparel, Velvet loafers - American Apparel.

Here's two random photos from photographing the look.
My favorite song came on, and my sister and I started to dance a bit, and I ended up getting an okay photo of it!
And the photo below, though it's not the best, I decided to post it haha. 


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