Captain Paul

Recently, an aamazing blogger and I decided to do a bit of a collaboration.
Jared Snagged a Look from my blog, and I snagged one from his!
And this is the one I snagged from him!

The Original look by Jared, titled Wander, featured the same color scheme as the one I'm using here, (minus the fabulous Cambridge bag) 

In my look:
I'm wearing the oversized chiffon button up - American Apparel, Unisex Velour Sweater - american apparel, Linen High waisted pleated Pants - american apparel, and the Velvet Loafer is black. my bag was a gift from my step mother, so I'm unsure of it's place of purchase. 

In Jared's Look:
Button up, and sweater from J. crew, Chambray travel pant and socks from American Apparel, Calvin Klein shoes, and Cambridge bag

he's an amazing blogger! Check him out.


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