Fedora Chapel Hats, Silk Tank California Select Vintage, Sunglasses American Apparel, Pleated Pants American Apparel, Oxfords Zara

WOW! kay so it's been insane here with the weather. I wanna die.
I do horribly in heat and no matter how cloudy it is, I still manage to get sunburnt. So this weather is absolute hell for me. But on the bright side, I do get to try new things with less layers and that excites me! I picked up the tank from work today and the pants yesterday. 
My friend Jordan had given me a beautiful brown wide brim hat that i need to sport very soon! I just gotta plan the perfect outfit... I'm seeing it as an item I'll get a lot of use out of in the winter and once Stampede has ended. 

In other news, work's been interesting. American Apparel is having their side-walk sale and it's been a nightmare to set up since my partner is in Edmonton so I'm the only merch left at the store.... SHARMIN HURRY BACK AND SAVE ME!!!

But a lady did buy the Color Block Chiffon recently so I was thrilled but she wasn't too excited when she was told I designed it... upsetting but still! It's a snazzy shirt and I am very proud of it haha!!!


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